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    Dr. Rusty Kirkland, Jr., D.D.S., P.C.

    Dr. Rusty Kirkland, Jr., DDS, PC

    I want to share what is happening with my practice life. I have a physical condition that will eventually interfere with me being able to practice dentistry. Although it is not impacting my ability to practice at this time I have made the decision to transfer my dental practice to Dr. Jared French.

    I will greatly miss the friendship with you and I truly have appreciated the trust that you have shown in me.


    Dr. Jared French, DMD

    Dr. French has been practicing in Santa Fe for many years and I’m delighted that he will be providing continuity for my practice. I selected him for this above other qualified candidates and his philosophy of practice and how to take great care of people is very congruent with mine.

    Dr. French graduated from OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) Dental School in 1998 and subsequently practiced in the Northwest before relocating to Santa Fe. He will be provided expanded services in the practice.

    I am clear that this is the right time to have this transition and am clear that Dr. French is the right person. He is very bright, intends the best outcome for all treatment, has a wealth of experience (19 years) and will be practicing here for a long time to come…

    We will be announcing an open house soon and I look forward to seeing you and look forward to you meeting Dr. Jared French.

    Here is what my colleague, Dr. Kenneth Kahn, DDS, has to say about Dr. French: “Jared French is a great guy with extremely high standards, like you, Rusty. Your patients will integrate seamlessly into his care.”

    -Rusty Kirkland, D.D.S.